Riccardo Degni

Web Designer · Web Developer · Front/Back End Engineer · Teacher · Writer
WhatsApp: +39.3336884729 · Mail: riccardo.degni@gmail.com

I am an international advanced Web Developer, active both on Front-End and Back-End. I have a strong foundation in the new technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, CSS frameworks, Javascript frameworks and Object-Oriented programming on the server.
I developed many open-source Javascript code snippets in my public carrer, such as the moo.rd library, the GX framework and the DOMmy.js, which had been downloaded and used all around the world.
I like clean, strict and well-organized code, and I also like to develop my own plug-ins, framework and code style.
I am a Zend Certified Engineer, a w3Schools HTML Certified Developer, w3Schools CSS Certified Developer, w3Schools Javascript Certified Developer.
I also work as a professional teacher (with more than 1000 hours of experience in real classes), teaching Advanced Web Design, Advanced Web Programming and Java to my students.

Public Contributions

Guide to CodeIgniter (italian)


CodeIgniter has been one of the most apprecciated PHP framework of all time. Its lightweight MVC structure and low learning curve are the key to its success.
I wrote a guide to the PHP framework CodeIgniter in Italian language, covering all the major aspect, from installation to application making. This guide is dedicated to the intermediate and the advanced PHP developer.

June 2018

Guide to w3.css (italian)


w3.css is a CSS3 framework from w3schools designer. I love its lightweight footprint and I use it in many of my professional works. However, it is not used too much by developers, due to the popolarity of Bootstrap.
For this reason I wrote a complete guide to the w3.css framework dedicated to all CSS developers that want to check a powerful alternative to Bootstrap.

June 2018

Guide to OOP5 (italian)


The Object-Oriented programming was kinda new for PHP in 2009, and I have been loved it since then.
I wrote a complete OOP PHP 5 guide in Italian language, covering all the main and hot topics, from the very basics to the most advanced features provided by the technology.

June 2009

Guide to MooTools 1.2 (italian)


I wrote one of the first (if not the first) official guide to the Javascript Framework MooTools (it was the 1.2 version at the time) in Italian language. The guida was a complete reference, starting from the basics, covering all the topics and ending with the more advanced customizations.
I was using MooTools in many of my public and private projects, also I know the framework very well, having created a full-featured extension called moo.rd and having been in touch with the head of the Moo library.

October 2008

Interview with John Resig of jQuery


I have had the pleasure to interview a guy that I personally consider one of the best Javascript programmer of the world: the original founder and creator of the super-library jQuery, John Resig.
He was glad to answer my questions, which I made with the intention of knowing more and give people a deeper understanding of the framework.
The interview is available in both Italian and English language.

November 2008

Interview with Valerio Proietti of MooTools (italian)


This is another excellent resource for all the MooTools users and generally the Javascript programmers. The original founder and creator of the MooTools library was glad to give me some tips about using the library in an advanced mode, as well as some curiosity about the code.
The interview is available in Italian language.

November 2008

Tutorial "Getting started with DOMmy.js"

Web Designer Depot

I wrote a full-tutorial, speaking about my Javascript library DOMmy.js, for Web Designer Depot, a well-known website which host many high-quality tutorials about the Web Design/Development world.
Here you can find the article, called "Getting started with DOMmy.js", and start to enjoy my DOMmy.js.

November 2018

Advanced and modern Javascript concepts (italian)


I wrote a collections of four full-tutorials analyzing the new main concepts offered by ECMA5/6 specification.
It's very important to evolve as a developer, also because Javascript has hugely evolved in the last few years.

Fall-winter 2018

Public Projects


Standalone super-lite Javascript Library

DOMmy.js is a standalone Javascript Library that allows to control the DOM.
It uses CSS3 technology to do so, so it's a very modern snippet that doesn't mind about the compatibility with older browsers, in favor to the newest versions and the newest standards.
With DOMmy.js you can handle DOM, create powerful CSS animations, wield DOMReady functionality, select elements and collections of elements, dinamically work with attributes, css propoerties and data storage.
DOMmy.js weights less than 4kb.

June 2018


Javascript Plug-In for DOMmy.js

DOMmy.Cycle.js is a lightweight, multi-effect image gallery based on DOMmy.js. Setting up things with the power of Vanilla Javascript and the aim of DOMmy.js is incredibly simple. With DOMmy.Cycle.js you can set up image galleries with a multitude of high-quality animations based on CSS3/DOMmy.js engine.

July 2019


Javascript Library that extends MooTools

moo.rd was my first public Javascript library. It extended the framework which I used in almost all my projects: MooTools. With moo.rd users could add a handful set of powerdul animations, modal boxes, form controls, native utilities and many more features. It became very popular in Italy among the MooTools users as an useful add-on.

May 2008


Javascript Animations Engine that extends jQuery

GX was a very powerful Javascrip engine for animations which extended the jQuery core. When I first developed moo.rd, I didn't know very well the jQuery library, but when I discovered it, I loved its features. I wanted to provided jQuery users with an elegant, all-rounded but fast and simple engine for creating cross-browser animations. At its peak, GX reached 100.000 download. You can find informations and the code here.

June 2009


Programming Languages
Web Progamming Features
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Well-organized, reusable and scalable code
  • Usage of the newest technologies
  • Full-Stack security


Apart from working as a Web Developer and teaching Web Development and Programming Languages, I also train my mind-body system in many ways.
I am not a typical nerd who lives his life on the laptop eating junk foods. I train myself in the Chinese Internal Martial Arts, a particular type of Qi Gong I learned from a skilled Italian-Chinese master. This allows me to clear my mind and emotions, be still and clear, and be proactive in the topics of my life.
I have also been studyng Quantum Physics/Mechanics, which I love so much. Einstein, Plato, Socrates and Bruce Lee are some of my favourite characters.


Teaching and transmitting knowledge are two of my main passions. I am a professional teacher who teaches Web Development, Programming and everything concerned with them:

  • Native Languages of Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript/ECMA, PHP, SQL
  • Tools:
    • Javascript Frameworks (Angular, Vue.js, ...)
    • Node.js ecosystem
    • PHP Frameworks (Laravel, ...)
    • CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, ...)
  • Web Security and Best Programming Techniques, Advanced Design Patterns
  • Java Programming Language, Object Oriented Programming, Desktop Development

In my career I helped a lot of students reaching their professional goals. I focus on quality of code and usage of the newest, most robust tools and best development pratices to allow my students to gain mastery in writing powerful and full-featured applications.